Escape to Faith and Freedom


The Empire is hell-bent on eradicating the Judeo-Christian culture. However, a few spiritual warriors are fighting back. In the first installment of C. A. Davidson’s Birthright Covenant trilogy, Benjamin Benamoz learns about his duty to his faith. Will Ben escape from his enemies and restore the ancient birthright to its sacred place?

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Great for Teens

“As a volunteer teacher in ministry, I find it hard to find a good Christian book that can excite my teenage students. I’m glad I found C. A. Davidson. Hopefully, she can release the second and third book soon.”

—Lawrence J. Williams, Jackson, Mississippi

Wonderful work

"It was beautifully put together and the author does a great job at constantly progressing the story little by little. Each piece coming together to form a really well thought out book. The best book I've read in a good while. I would like extend my thanks to the author for such a great read! If they can continue pushing out high quality books like these, then I'll be coming back for sure!"

—garrrdnerrr, Amazon Buyer

Good vs Evil

"A classic book about good versus evil. In this case a kingdom of people are faced with a challenge of their religion. Their faith is being tested and the message being displayed is loud and clear. But, it doesn't change the tone of the book and take it away from the thrilling drama. It's not all the time I find a book I enjoy this much and that's why I'm recommending it! I really had a good time reading this book and hope others do as well!"

—Da Buyer, Amazon Buyer


Biblical Values—A Way of Life

Young people who have grown up with freedom and convenience tend to take it for granted—even to be lured by tyrannical “utopian” doctrines—because they don’t know what it’s like to be without freedom. Beyond a book series, The Birthright Covenant trilogy is a journey, an allegory about a way of life, to help parents transmit Judeo-Christian values to the rising generation.

Parents concerned about dystopian worldly culture will find renewed courage in this timeless allegory of hope and deliverance.

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C. A. Davidson


After witnessing the attack on Judeo-Christian culture during the Cold War while growing up, C. A. Davidson made it her mission to help parents and ministries restore the values the Bible teaches. She realized that the heart and soul of the Western Civilization depends on instilling Christian values in future generations.

The Birthright Covenant trilogy is inspired by her love of faith, family, and freedom.


Ben froze. There was Ruben among them! Their eyes met, but Ben turned his head, feeling a collective stare from hundreds of eyes, as the boys and girls pressed around their leader.

Papa smiled down at the man. “You have your world, I have mine.” Then he stepped aside, walked on, and did not look back.

“Young people are joining the group in droves,” Papa growled. “They follow that tyrant like lemmings. It’s like a cult. And I don’t know if your brother can resist the pressure.”

“Papa, why are they burning Bibles?”
“Because they are afraid of truth.”
“Why are they afraid of truth, Papa?”

Rebekah gripped Ben’s arm with urgency. “Ben, this is spiritual warfare—for the souls of those we love. If we do not teach you the truth about your biblical heritage, do not doubt me, the world will teach you its lies. Someone must write about the way we live before it is lost.”

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