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The effects of Reverse Education continue to plague society. Evil elements now threaten to ruin everything good and innocent.

However, the citizens of Yeshurun will not stand idly aside in the ongoing chaos. They will stop at nothing to defend their faith, even if it means risking their lives.

Will they win over evil, or will darkness overpower their will to survive?

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Book Reviews

Good vs Evil

A classic book about good versus evil. In this case a kingdom of people are faced with a challenge of their religion. Their faith is being tested and the message being displayed is loud and clear. But, it doesn't change the tone of the book and take it away from the thrilling drama. It's not all the time I find a book I enjoy this much and that's why I'm recommending it! I really had a good time reading this book and hope others do as well!

—Da Buyer Amazon Customer

This book catches attention

You may have heard of a story about good versus evil maybe about a couple hundred times already. But who doesn't like a story of the good guys overcoming oppression from a bad group of people. If I'm not alone, then check out this book because it was able to hold my attention as well as make me excited to keep flipping the page. Kudos to you Christine, for a job well done with this book!

—Daughter of God Amazon Customer

Wonderful work

It was beautifully put together and the author does a great job at constantly progressing the story little by little. Each piece coming together to form a really well thought out book. The best book I've read in a good while. I would like extend my thanks to the author for such a great read! If they can continue pushing out high quality books like these, then I'll be coming back for sure!

—garrrdnerrr Amazon Customer


To them, lying was a weapon. They had perfected the art of the smear. And they could make things happen. Destroy all who opposed the Gandikon party agenda.

Andrei Kovac had always seen himself as a valiant knight in the game of life. In his younger days, he would fight to the death to defend what he thought was right. Now he wasn’t sure what was right.